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Handmade Easter Decorations

By on February 11, 2013

We are only in mid-winter, but our minds and hearts are already wandering on green fields! Spring is one of our favorite seasons because it brings the warmth back and all the beautiful things that come with the blue skies and colorful landscapes. Spring is announced by the delicate daffodils and the chirping birds. But spring is also associated with Easter and the other significances and emotions it brings.


Easter is one of the most important holidays of the year. Behind all trade issues, Easter is a religious celebration. It represents the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and His resurrection. Spring is definitely the season when the entire nature is brought back to life after a long winter sleep. Easter is a heartfelt holiday it honors the importance of family, friends and all good things in life.

Handmade Easter Decorations

Craft handmade decorations

Easter seems like the best time to start decorating your house. It is a wonderful opportunity to get more creative and shake off the hibernation and snow of winter. Add more life and color to the space you live in. Your guests will appreciate your Easter decorations and appreciate your skills. If you have no ideas, here are some of the most popular and easy to make! You can get inspired from eggs, seasonal flowers and spring animals.

Handmade Easter Decorations

Eggshell candles

Handmade decorations are fun to create, especially when using bright colors and unique shapes. You will be able to enhance your home and add a personal touch to your festivities by crafting Easter egg decorations. Use the bottoms of real eggshell to make this item. Paint the eggshell with glue and then roll it in your favorite color. Add glitter to it and let it dry on its own. Use a special candle and melt its bottom so that you can stick it inside the eggshell. To make the decoration even more eye-catchy, fill the rest of the eggshell with crystals.

Handmade Easter Decorations

Edible spring animals

Kids love animal figures. But more than this, they love crafting animals out of paper, plasticine and other fabrics. They will surely like your project even more, giving the fact that the animals you will create will be edible! Make animals out of gum-paste or marshmallows. Coat them in sugar and add in different colored candies to make the dessert even more appetizing. Use food coloring to dye the sugar. For the animals’ feet or wings you can use pieces of colored jelly. For the facial features, use decorative gel.

Jordan almond wreaths

To obtain this beautiful decoration that you guests can actually eat, you need to take a ride to a local craft store. Buy Styrofoam wreath, a hot-glue gun and colored Jordan almonds. Attach the almonds to the string, leaving the back of the ring empty to keep the wall unstained. Use a ribbon to make a hanger for the wreath. Hang it anywhere in your house, at the entrance or on the doors.

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